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Who we are

We are the premier third-party organization that specializes in enhancing the financial and operational results of our clients by billing and collecting primarily demurrage and detention charges in a timely and efficient manner. With over 100+ years of collective experience, we serve alongside the largest carriers servicing the United States inclusive of Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Latin America.

Company Vision

The vision of CCS is to be the leading third-party provider of services world-wide to our carriers and customers. The services will defined by our clients' requirements and will include but not be limited to demurrage, detention, energy, storage and chassis charges. Through this process, CCS improves our clients’ equipment turn-time while allowing market stability and sales neutrality.

  • State of the Art proprietary automated billing program

  • Experienced dual language account representatives

  • Dedicated dispute resolution team

  • Online access to Customer and Carrier accounts (Coming Soon)

Improving the Experience

We enhance the financial and operating results of our clients and customers by billing and collecting demurrage, detention, storage or chassis usage timely, efficiently, and securely. CCS performs theses services with professionalism and integrity.

Accuracy in analyzing and submitting claims within 48 hours to our client with detailed analysis report is our strength. Each analysis report is scrutinized by our experienced team at various levels before handing the final report to our client. Outsourcing to our experts in the shipping industry is far more economical. We work round the clock and offer flexibility in responding to queries immediately.