About Us

Founded in 2002, Carrier Credit Services, Inc. is based in Coconut Creek, FL. We have invested 17+years in the design and development of our processes and our proprietary system. Our system handles all the necessary functions to ensure proper billing & collections which include data processing, equipment control, invoicing, customer relations management, collections, disputes management and accounting.

While the initial trade concentration was between the United States and Puerto Rico, we have since expanded our geographic coverage to include the Caribbean and Latin America along with a US domestic expansion from coast to coast. Our primary scope of service was initially demurrage and detention billing, however this too has expanded to cover all ancillary charges such as chassis, storage, energy, terminal handling and others.

In today’s shipping world of complex service contracts and terms, Carriers and Shippers still struggle with defining demurrage and detention. The provisions of a carrier’s tariff are complicated and few individuals outside of the maritime industry truly understand and properly interpret them. Our 100+ years of collective maritime transportation experience places CCS in a unique position to end your quandary with regards to demurrage and detention, along with other ancillary charges.

CCS’ systems and services are trusted, proven, timely and accurate!

Primary Carriers Benefit:

  • Reduce Carrier Costs
  • Improve Equipment Turn-Time
  • Improve Carrier Revenue
  • Allows for Sales and Marketing Neutrality
  • Remove the Burdon of Billing and Collections
  • Service The Customer

Primary Customers Benefit:

  • Improve Invoice Processing
  • Audit Invoices
  • Reduce Costs – Through Time and Visibility
  • Centralize all Accessorial Invoice Processing