What services do we provide?

In today's busy sea ports and container yards, time is money. Fast, accurate and secure container movement is essential for maximum productivity and profitability. Errors, multiple moves and idle time are costly operational faults. Customers and Carriers are demanding improvements in all aspects of container movement. CCS's real-time detention and demurrage solutions improve unproductive container moves and equipment idle time.

What our Program does

CCS scans the records of shipments not returned to terminals within the prescribed free-time and performs an evaluation to determine whether invoicing is required. Invoices will be generated based on the carriers free time rule and any exceptions

Extra Services

CCS Collection System services include:

  • Complete Program using Carrier Data:
    -Calculation of Free Time
    -Import of TIR data
    -Gate In/Out Events
    -Invoicing of Demurrage/Detention/Energy Charges

  • Delinquent List

  • Management Reports

  • Online access to Customer and Carrier accounts